A new ski has just been announced by John Howe President of Howe Winter Sports Waterford, Maine and Ron and Ken Jacques owners of Ski Depot located in Jay, Maine. This revolutionary alpine ski is called “The Claw” and based on five years of continuous development and product acceptance.

This new patented ski design is unlike any other alpine ski on the market. An internal Vibration Damping System combined with a Symmetric Side Cut give a unique performance. Softer flex patterns and a tighter turn radii design than current industry standards add to the individuality of this new ski. Recreational skiers of all abilities will now have the opportunity to experience carved turns that in the past have been limited to advanced skiers and ski racers. Control of speed is accomplished more through carving turns rather than the traditional means of “controlled” skidding.

Production of “The Claw” skis will be accomplished at two facilities located in Waterford and Jay, Maine. Initial production volume will be limited to no more than 200 pairs of the handcrafted skis for the 2002 season. Distribution will be direct to consumer through Internet sales ( and Ski Depot retail operations. (

The new Claw skis will be offered with an exclusive money back guarantee. Purchase price of $475 less $100 will be refunded upon return of the product within 30 days of purchase if the customer is not completely satisfied with the ski and the performance.

Mr. Howe will serve as the CEO and brings to the new company 35 years of experience in the ski industry as a product development specialist. The Jacques brothers will provide the complimentary marketing and manufacturing skills as Claw Skis Inc. introduces this new product to the ski world.

185 cm 18 meter radius 102/63/102

17 8 cm17 meter radius 100/63/100

173 cm 16 meter radius 100/63/100

163 cm 13 meter radius 100/63/100

155 cm 12 meter radius 100/63/100