Breckenridge Spring Massive


Spring skiing is one of my favorite times. There’s always plenty of sunshine, great snow and no crowds this time of year. Breckenridge is a great ski area and I always really enjoy skiing there. This was the first time I covered the Spring Massive, a contest that included skiers and snowboarders competing in Style and Air, Rail Jam, Slopestyle, and Superpipe events.

Massive Competition
Breckenridge kicked off the Spring Massive weekend on their Freeway Terrain Park that boasts a QUADRUPLE JUMP LINE. This isn’t a traditional slopestyle competition because skiers and riders go big off of four perfectly cut jumps with a quarterpipe to match. Judges and spectators were treated to gnarly style and massive amplitude by competitors vying for the events’ first prize purses. This event was capped at 50 competitors per discipline and per gender, and the competition was fierce.

Massive Style & Air
For the Male Riders, it was Eric Willet in 1st place, Davis Johnson in 2nd place, and Justin Morgan came in 3rd. For the Women Riders, 1st Place went to Ariel Friedman and 2nd place went to Charlotte Van Gils. The Male Skier contest saw McRae Williams winning the Gold, Grant Savidge the Silver and Taylor Felton Bronze. In Mens Tele, Dylan Garner was 1st, Jeffrey Rutkowski 2nd, and Ty Dayberry finished 3rd. For the Female Skiers, it was Megan Olenick in 1st, Keri Herman 2nd and Gillian Mclver 3rd

Massive Rail Jam
In the Mens Skier it was Cody Cirillo (Amateur), Pat Goodnough (Pro) did the best tricks in Zone 1. For Zone 2, it was Alex Fellows (Amateur) and Kolby Ward (Pro). In Zone 3, Cullen Moran scored in the Amateur category and Gus Kenworthy for the Pros. For the Women Skiers, Megan Olenick swept Zones 1, 2 and 3. In Mens Tele, Dylan Garner took Zones1 and 2 with Ty Dayberry taking Zone 3.

In the Mens Rider contest, Zone 1 was taken by Amateur Austin Julik-Heine and Alex Wyankin for the Pros. Zone 2 saw Dane Byron winning for the Amateurs and Nate Lavik for the Pros. Dane Byron (Amateur) also won Zone 3 and James McCotter won for the Pros. For the Women Riders, it was Danyale Patterson (Amateur) and Paige Rainear (Pro) in Zone 1, Zone 2 was dominated by Courtney Cox (Amateur) and Jesse Sutton (Pro), In Zone 3, it was Terri Mayrer (Amateur) and Emily Blewitt (Pro). Wyffels Choice Awards went to Emily Blewitt, Dylan Garner and Kolby Ward.

Massive Slopestyle
The slopestyle competition was held in the Park Lane Terrain Park with jumps, rails and tabletops. The competitors were judged on the best tricks of two runs while vying for an amateur cash purse. The Women Riders saw Izzy Falive place 1st, Charlotte Van Gils 2nd and Heather Baroody 3rd. In the Men’s Riders contest, it was Jake LaRue in 1st, Davis Johnson 2nd, and 3rd went to Chris Willett.

Among the Women Skiers, Emilia Wint was 1st, 2nd went to Whitney Wickes and Keri Herman was 3rd. For the Male Skiers, it was Pat Goodnough in 1st place, Gus Kenworthy in 2nd and 3rd went to Jonas Marcinko. The Tele Skier event saw Ty Dayberry in 1st, Dylan Garner took 2nd and Loren Griswold was the 3rd place winner.

Skiers and riders careened down the superpipe going BIG and showing lots of skill as they executed their best tricks with lots of inversions, amplitude and gnarly grabs. World-class riders and local amateurs competed in Colorado’s top-rated Superpipe with its 18-foot walls under sunny skies. For the Women Skiers, it was Claudia Bouneir in 1st, Keri Herman 2nd and Chelsea Peterson placed 3rd. The Men’s Skiers saw Evan Schwartz take 1st place, Christian Allen 2nd place and Matthew Philippi 3rd place. In Men’s Tele , it was Ty Dayberry in 1st, Dylan Gardner came in 2nd and Alex Neuschaefer was 3rd. Among the Women Riders, it was Rebecca Sinclair in 1st, Ursina Haller was 2nd and Andrea Schuler 3rd. In the Amateur Men’s Rider competition, Carter Smalley was 1st, Gabe Ferguson 2nd and Kent Callister 3rd. In the Men’s Pro Rider competition Ben Stewart took the Gold, Zach Black was 2nd and Tyler Anderson was 3rd

There was a party to celebrate the official kick off of the 150th Anniversary of the Town of Breckenridge in addition to the events on the hill. There was the Bite of Breckenridge, a unique dining experience held during the annual Spring Massive. Participating restaurants featured sample menu items at a fixed rate of $10, $20 and/or $30, depending on the restaurant. The celebration featured live music by Jim Salestrom who performed live at Beaver Run Resort’s Copper Top Restaurant from 3pm to 6pm. His music crosses generational boundaries and is enjoyed by fans of all ages.

If you are looking for a MASSIVE good time, head to Breckenridge next spring for the Spring Massive competition. Not only will you see some great athletes do their stuff, you will be able to get in some fabulous skiing at this world-class ski resort.