I had read about the Mini-skirt Party in one of the ski magazines. I don’t know why I was a little surprised when I noticed that Carl Lorenzo was the host. He has been at Killington for 20 years and is my favorite bar tender at the Grist Mill. I wangled a ticket from him for the event and attended the event properly attired.

This year it will held on April 29th at the Pickle Barrel. The price is up to $20.00 WITH a ticket and you can’t get in without one. This is the last BIG social events of the ski season and if you don’t get a ticket early you won’t get a ticket at all.

The place was jammed last year with hundreds of silly looking men in mini-skirts and short dresses. Their female dates had to work really hard to out do the boys, so there were a lot of really sexy (trashy) looking gals. There were quite a few really beautiful women (Killington DOES have tons of great looking women). Even though there were plenty of good looking babes, the get-ups on the men stole the show! Most of them looked like drag queens and a few like bag ladies. There was a guy done up as a nurse who was with a couple of girls but he definitely had them beat.

One of the former owners of Killington was there, Pres Smith, along with a whole host of other Killington personalities and locals. The party raged into the wee hours of the night. The band was jamming and the dance floor was packed.

Some of the participants got carried away with the interesting theme of the evening and some succeeded in putting together an interesting outfit. It was a great party and a great way to end the ski season at Killington. I plan to be there again this year. I will be hitting the Goodwill to find the “perfect” ensemble.

Look for me at the party. I’ll be the cute one with the handlebar mustache and the camera. If you see me, SMILE. You may be in the Ski Bum News.