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Welcome to skibumnews, skiing news and snowboarding news site & a general winter sports site. What are winter sports? these sports are competitive or recreational sports that are typically played in winters because you need a lot of ice and snow for these sports. Most winter sports are variations of traditional winter sports like ice skating, sledding or skiing news, and snowboarding news. Earlier winter sports were only limited to the cold countries, but with increasing popularity, now these sports have entered the league of the world sports tournaments. Skibums brings to you all the skiing news and the snowboarding news of the season.

Latest News From Winter Sports

The latest skiing news and snowboarding news are as follows:

  • Double gold medal-winning Olympic champion professional skier David Wise sets a new world record on quarterpipe height.
  • Dog race in the ice caps of the French Alps
  • The gold medal in the world figure skating championship won by France
  • Germany wins the ski jumping event yet again
  • An ice skater who won a gold medal is practicing in the ice lake of Russia


Winter Sports

Winter sports are the most mesmerizing sports one can ever imagine. Imagine the chill and the bright white snow all over and yet you don’t feel the chilling temperature because of the excitement that you are witnessing. There are many exciting winter sports, some of them are:
  1. Ice skating: in this sports, a person propels himself on the sheet of ice with metal skates. There are a few forms of skating such as
  • figure skating,
  • speed skating,
  • short track speed skating, etc
  1. Skiing news: in this sport, the participant uses a ski to glide through the snow as a mode of transport or a competitive sport or plain recreation. There are many types of skiing news such as
  • Cross-country skiing news,
  • Freestyle skiing,
  • Kite skiing,
  • Mogul skiing,
  • Monoskiing, etc
  1. Sledding: it is a sport where the participant sits in a seated position on a typical vehicle called sled. There are a few variations of sled like
  • Bobsled,
  • Ice blocking, etc.
  1. Snowboarding news: a sport in which a person descends from a slope standing on a snowboard. the types of snowboarding news are
  • Alpine snowboarding,
  • Boardercross,
  • Slalom,
  • Snowskating, etc.
  1. Snowmobiling: it is a sport that involves a motor vehicle race on the snowy tracks. The types of snowmobiling are
  • Freestyle,
  • Snocross,
  • Recreation,
  • Cross-country
  1. Team sports: there are some winter sports that can be played in teams such as
  • Bandy,
  • Broomball,
  • Curling Olympic,
  • Ice hockey,
  • Ice sled hockey,
  • Ice stock sport,
  • Military patrol
  1. Other sports: other than these sports , there are some other intermediate sports that are played for recreational purposes such as
  • Ice climbing,
  • Ice racing,
  • Ice speedway,
  • Snowbiking,
  • Ice canoeing,
  • Cold-weather biking,
  • Snow drifting,
  • Cross country running.

The Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics is a major sports event of international standards where sports types are practiced on ice and snow are only held. It is held once in four years. winter Olympics are the most prestigious sports event, live streamed globally. It’s quite obvious that an event of such grandiosity will also attract a lot of sports betting. Besides regular betting on sports sites, you can now bet through the online casinos. the mobile casinos that are legal casinos have daily promotions. The online casinos also offer a casino bonus like welcome bonus etc by which you can also bet for free and also play other casino games with the casino bonus and maybe win some real money. The online casinos and casino bonuses are a great way to have fun playing games in your off time. Hop over here, claim a freeroll bonus, and see why online poker is one of the world’s most beloved games. This site is perfect for spending the remaining of your casino offer after placing a bet.

The Greatest Winter Olympians Of All Time

Here are the names of some of the greatest winter Olympians of all times:

  1. Apollo Anton Ohno from the USA: the most celebrated winter Olympic athlete who made his debut in 2002 winter Olympics winning eight gold medals.
  2. Kjetil André Aamodt from Norway: from1992 to 2006, this man won four gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals
  3. Ricco Gross from Germany: also called the biathlon legend by the panelists, he has many gold medals in his bag
  4. Eric Heiden from the USA: he has four gold medals, 4 Olympic records and one world record to his credit.
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