‘Twas the day after Christmas and all over the place,
lift lines were moving at a very fast pace.
The crowds at the bottom of the mountain were gone,
more time to ski was the song of the throng.
Okemo played host to thousands of guests,
on skis and snowboards in search of a quest.
More fun on the snow, more vertical miles,
covered their faces with beautiful smiles.
With triples chairlifts and detachable quads,
ski areas have really beaten the odds.
At Killington on the very next day,
thousands of skiers had come to play.
Gone were the lift lines of an hour or more,
absent the never-ending corrals of yore.
New chairlifts and gondolas hastened the pace,
bringing skiers and riders to the summit in haste.
We spent the day skiing our most favorite trails,
past lift towers covered with yellow hay bails.
On Cascade, on Sky Lark, on Double Dipper,
on Down Draft, on Wild Fire skiing was super.
At Pico Peak where we skied the next day,
you could find many families that had come to play.
They were having a blast on all of the slopes,
because long lift lines were gone, along with the tow ropes.
We rode up Chair Lift B and sailed down Avalanche Chute,
and were back on the chair in just a minute to boot.
After a quick ride up the Golden Express,
we came down Gold Rush ’cause we need a rest.
Our ski poles, we hung on the rack with care,
and we separated our skis to make sure they’d be there.
We went into the lodge at the end of the day,
and found a video arcade in which to play.
Off to happy hour and after a Goombay Smash,
we were very hungry and ready to dash.
On to the Pasta Pot for a fine Italian meal,
and then back on the road, with me at the wheel.
With visions of slopes and moguls in our head,
we left the mountain, tired and ready for bed.
That year Santa had given us a great Christmas gift,
tons of natural snow and no lines at the lift!

Ian Fehler
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